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Are LED lights good for my health?

Are LED lights good for my health?

Human civilisation has been inventing and developing resources according to their needs throughout their existence. Artificial light is one of the most crucial inventions that the humans couldn’t do without. Certainly, living your life today, you know how important an invention it has been. However, no inventions are always permanent as technological experts today keep innovating these resources with the better features that add to the benefits of the product at hand.

Artificial light is one such arena which is goes the process of a continual evaluation and innovation to make it better for you. Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison’s contribution to the invention of the light bulb has been efficiently enhanced with the development of the LED lights.

You’re obviously acquainted with this beautiful version of artificial lights that has never failed to charm people and is continually improving with better versions. LED lights are considered to be about 80% more efficient than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights. It’s absolutely proven that a typical fluorescent bulb of 84 watt can be efficiently replaced by an LED light of 36 watt which gives the same light as the former. However, there’s a bit of dilemma about LED lights being suitable for your health. If you’ve ever backed out from buying an LED worrying over your health issues, then a further read here is definitely going to change your mind.


Listed below are a few healthy benefits of using an LED light at your home. It gives you a better insight about LED lights and helps you decide wisely.

  1. LED Light Balances Circadian Rhythm: The circadian rhythm is a combination of 24-hour cycles that are integrated with our body’s internal clock. The sleep-wake cycle is the most crucial one which can completely alter your lifestyle. Lights play an important role in wither maintaining or disrupting your circadian rhythms due to your extensive exposure to light. Powerful traditional lights tend to cause a strain that hampers your circadian rhythm. LED lights on the contrary, have proved to be very effective in maintaining it efficiently.


  1. LED Lights Decreases Headaches: Traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights would often cause you intolerable headaches with their notorious flickers. LED lights do not flicker at all hence keeps you from stress and unwanted headaches.


  1. LED Lights have an Increased Learning Performance: Research suggests that application of LED lights in any learning environment enhances the learning performance of the pupils. Hence, they’re ideal investments for schools and institutions while keeping in check the health of the students as well.


  1. LED Lights Does Not Affect the Skin Adversely: Studies in this sphere has shown that traditional incandescent lights or fluorescent lights or even CFLs emit harmful levels of UV rays which can be a cause for skin cancer. LEDs are suggested as the best alternative as these do not emit any UV rays and doesn’t affect your skin.


  1. LED Lights are Free from Explosion: Typical bulbs are very prone to breaking or explosions that are both harmful for you. LEDs just make your life better as they’re free from explosion.

An overall view besides various surveys across the globe suggests that people are relying more on LED lights for lighting their houses. Moreover, you actually get to choose from a wide range of LED lights that are available for using according to your purpose. Whether you want a charming hall light or one that gives out an exotic look to your bar at home, comfortable night bulbs and lights for regular lighting, the range of LED lights can fulfil all your requirements.

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