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About us

Fuchusi – The Home Tech Specialists

We started off as a company that bought you energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and user-friendly LED lights that cut down on your electricity bills, and helped save the environment. As our business grew, we quickly realised that our customers wanted more than just home LED lighting. So we expanded our range to offer you smart, easy to use home tech that will improve your comfort, security and lifestyle. We bring you everything from LED strip lights to home security cameras & remote controlled HD camera flying drones.
And we don’t stop there... the tech specialists at Fuchusi are continuously adding products everyday to bring you the very best in Home Security, Audio & Visual, LED Lighting & Smart Home And Fitness Tech.

A bright and warm welcome!

Your One-stop-shop for innovative home technology and LED Lights! Fuelled by our passion for innovation and extreme attention to detail, Fuchusi is much more than ‘just another’ home tech company. Here at Fuchusi, we strive to offer you unique sought after products that will not only add more value and convenience to your life, but will also save you time and money.

Our story

Being huge gadget nerds, we fell in love with Innovative technology a long time ago. However, we realised the market was flooded with cheaply-made products that did not last for more than a few months and decided to turn our passion into a business. After months of sleepless nights, endless cups of black coffee, and thousands of products tried and tested, we created a unique collection of LED lights and home tech.

The possibilities are endless

Imagine if you could turn your living room into a stylish contemporary space, straight from the pages of a posh interior décor magazine. Or, if you could turn your kid’s bedroom into an amazing gaming room worthy of a world-class gamer. And why stop there? Imagine being able to control your home CCTV camera at the touch of a button on your smartphone. Or, even taking snaps and aerial photos at a few hundred feet above ground level using one of our sophisticated ultra high-tech HD camera drones. Well, here at Fuchusi all this and much more is possible! We are here to offer you that small detail that will make a huge impact on your life.

What does Fuchusi have to offer?

Our Fuchusi range includes app-enabled LED strip lights, motion sensor magnetic lights, LED ceiling speaker lights, halo ring selfie lights, smart watches, smart wifi thermostats, smart baby monitors, security surveillance HD wifi cameras, radio controlled HD camera drones, and much more!

What makes Fuchusi special?

Our company is built on three key pillars; Premium Products, Impeccable Service, and Fast Delivery.


We specialise in unique, sought-after and unique products that are not always available on the high street or supermarkets. We spend months researching every product and contacting different manufacturers in order to ensure that what you get is simply world-class.


Industry leading customer service and support, pure and simple! Our friendly and qualified Customer Happiness Specialists are readily available to resolve any issue, answer any questions, and even give you handy interior décor tips on how to use your Fuchusi home tech products. We firmly believe that you are the reason we are in business and make sure you can feel that!


Let’s be honest, is there anything worse than waiting for weeks for your LED strip light or smart wifi thermostat to arrive? Almost all our products are delivered in just 48 hours in the UK and in 4-7 days in Europe. We don’t want to keep you waiting any longer than you have to.
COVID-19 Update: some of our products may be shipped from our overseas warehouse and can take up to 30 days to arrive due to the recent pandemic. You can find the details on each product page which we make clear and transparent to you. We have to adapt to the new reality, but we cannot ask our customers to do that. That’s why we offer you FREE worldwide delivery for all the products that take 1-4 weeks to arrive.

Buy a Fuchusi hometech product, help plant a Tree

Keeping our planet green and clean has always been one of our top priorities. That’s why we have partnered with, an organisation that plants trees across the United Kingdom, and donate 1% of every sale towards planting a tree.
Explore our full range of LED lights & smart home tech and take advantage of our 48-hour express delivery today!
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