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Fuchusi RezBand 11pcs Latex Resistance Bands

by Fuchusi
Choose Stength & Colour
  • Multifunctional exercise resistance bands
  • Colour coded resistance levels
  • 5 Levels of resistance
  • Full body workout
  • Hypoallergenic and skin friendly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Complete with carry case
  • Convenient to carry with you anywhere
  • Workout anywhere and anytime
No gym, no problem! With the Fuchusi RezBand 11piece Resistance Band Kit you can workout anywhere and anytime. These are ideal for weight loss, muscle toning and strength building exercises

These resistance bands are made from premium quality natural latex material, which is non-toxic and skin-friendly. They give a smooth and bright appearance and provide superior durability that isn’t easy to crack. Our complete workout kit for men and women is compact and portable. It comes with a cool carry bag so you can take the resistance bands anywhere

About this product

Why not target all body areas with our premium quality RezBand fitness resistance bands. This kit ensures every part of your exercise has resistance. The result is a better range of motion, strength and complete stimulation- promoting the muscle growth and muscle tone that you truly deserve. These thick resistance bands can be used for a range of workouts. Each of the five exercise bands has its own colour representing a different level of resistance. You choose the level of resistance and intensity

The Fuchusi RezBand kit can be used for pull up training and for adding resistance to yoga moves, glute kickbacks, glute bridges, clamshell, lying leg lifts, lunges, lateral pull down, bent over row, squats, deadlifts, to name a few