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Aries Galaxy Sphere LED Portable Night Light

by Fuchusi
Emitting Colour
  • Galaxy sphere colour changing LED night light
  • Portable and wireless
  • USB Recharging
  • Touch control
  • Choose from 4 globe sizes
  • Switch between16 different light colours
  • Versatile light for parties, celebrations and everyday use
  • Helps relaxation and aids sleep

Want to bring a feel of the galaxy and space inside? Then choose the Aries Galaxy Portable LED Night Light. This is a stunning night light with great attention to detail giving it a truly realistic 'planet like' look. This LED light is USB rechargeable and wireless, making it portable so you can position it wherever you like; In the study, bedroom, playroom, cinema room, games room, lounge, and this list goes on. The clever touch control design means you can switch between 16 different colours by simply tapping with your fingers

About this product

There is no better way to light up your kid’s bedroom than with a low power and soothing light at night. The Fuchusi Aries galaxy sphere LED night light emits a soft light that is optimally adjusted so it isn’t too bright ‘nor too dim. This one is a must if you have kids who make a fuss about sleeping on their own. It sets the perfect ambiance for relaxation to ensure your kids can sleep comfortably. So go on... bring the Aries galaxy sphere night light home today and give your kids the perfect companion for a good nights sleep!

4 Globe sizes
You can suitably select the light size as per the dimensions of your room. The Aries galaxy sphere LED Light will fit in any room. It's also perfect to light up staircases, hallways, and landings to make sure you don't accidentally stumble or trip in the dark

Child friendly

Children are often petrified of sleeping in a completely dark room, especially if it's for the first time. The Fuchusi galaxy sphere LED night light creates a fun and magical atmosphere within their own bedroom, which helps them sleep fearlessly in the knowledge that mom and dad are just a few steps away

Helps relaxation and sleep

This sphere night light emits a beautiful soft, warm light to brighten the room. The LED light bulb ensures the room isn’t completely dark while still creating the perfect atmosphere to encourage sound sleep



Type: Night Light
Is Bulbs Included: Yes
Model: ARIES
Item Type: Night Lights
Is Batteries Included: Yes
Body Material: PVC
Battery Type: Lithium Metal
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Power Generation: Touch
Voltage: 5V
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Is Batteries Required: No
Wattage: 0-5W
Certification: CCC, CE, EMC

 Worth knowing


The Fuchusi Aries galaxy sphere LED portable night light is a uniquely designed and dainty light piece that will help set your kids' room to a perfect degree of illumination

This beautifully designed and unique LED night light can help little children sleep comfortably tucked in their own beds

This galaxy LED night light exudes a sense of warmth and comfort which can help in inducing a deeply relaxing sleep

This LED light can be used as a reading light because it sets a calm, relaxing and stress free atmosphere

Portable LED light means you can place it practically anywhere around your home