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Eclipse Motion Sensor PIR Rechargeable Wireless LED Cabinet Night Light Portable Lamp

by fuchusi
  • 2 Year Warranty as standard
  • Anti-glare motion sensor LED night lights
  • Motion in the dark instantly activates the light
  • 3 Modes of operation: auto on, constant on, off
  • No annoying glare or strobe light
  • Perfect for young children and the elderly
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No batteries required



About this product

Walking around late at night through your darkened home to use the restroom or go to the kitchen for a midnight snack can be dangerous. A stray toy on the floor or an unexpected chair in the path of a pitch-black room can cause a serious fall or injury. The Eclipse motion sensor night light measures just 88mm x 88mm x 38mm in size, yet it puts out enough light to illuminate dark areas so you, your children, the elderly and any visiting guests can navigate their way safely

Three modes of operation

Set the night light to one of three modes: auto, on and off. The convenient auto mode turns on the night light whenever the sensor detects movement, automatically lighting your way as you pass by in the dark. If you prefer to have the light on constantly, use the "on" mode. When not in use, simply switch it to "off" 

Quick and easy to install
Simply peel off the backing from the magnetic plate and place it in the chosen location. The motion sensor LED light then attaches to the magnetic plate and is easily removable so it can be recharged

No batteries required
The Fuchusi Eclipse motion sensor night light is USB rechargeable, so there's no need to buy expensive batteries that lose charge over time

No annoying glare or strobe light
The soft light emits from the side of our 'eye-caring' Eclipse LED night light, illuminating the area without disturbing your eyesight. Unlike many night lights that direct light up to your eyes causing a glaring effect and making it more difficult to see

What's in the box?


 1 x Eclipse Motion Sensor PIR Portable LED Light

2 x USB cable

2 x Adhesive magnetic backing plate

1 x Instruction manual

 Worth knowing


Simply connect the Fuchusi Eclipse Motion Sensor Light to a USB-charger and its long-lasting usefulness provides you with up to 30,000 hours of light

Ultra low energy consumption because this LED night light is only activated when it detects movement

Install this motion sensor LED night light next to your bed, in the cupboard, under the cellar, in the loft or garage, on the landing, and the list of uses goes on and on!