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EZ6 iEZWAY Pro 2 Folding M365 Electric Scooter 350w Motor 10.4mAh Battery | Fast, Long Range, App Control, Solid Tyres

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  • iEZWAY EZ6 Electric Scooter (latest 2021 version)
  • Control via smartphone app (iOS and Android)
  • Includes all the features as in the Xiaomi M365 e-scooter
  • Full colour LED display
  • Max speed up to 30kmh (approx. 20mph)
  • 3 Speed settings
  • Huge capacity Lithium Ion battery 36V 10.4mAh
  • Higher battery capacity than Xiaomi M365 giving a longer range
  • Long ride range of 30-40km (18-25miles)
  • Powerful brushless 36volt 350watt front wheel motor
  • 8.5inch Honeycomb shock absorbent solid tyres 
  • 10cm wide puncture-proof tyres
  • Dual Braking System
  • Bright front and back LED lights
  • Super quick one-step folding mechanism
  • Aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame and kickstand 
  • Smart Locking System for added security
  • Maximum rider weight 120kg
  • Waterproof IP65 rating


About this product

The Fuchusi EZ6 iEZWAY Electric Scooter is packed with the latest in e-scooter technology offering a world class riding experience. It contains all the features as the Xiaomi M365, a bigger capacity battery and at almost half the price of the Xiaomi. It's a very popular foldable electric scooter, sold worldwide. The EZ6 Pro combines immense power, impressive range, outstanding comfort and a premium aircraft-grade alloy body. It's superpower 350w motor reaches speeds upto 25km/h, and a whopping 35km of range from a single charge. It’s a premium high speed foldable electric scooter without a premium price tag

The EZ6 Pro has a sleek, minimalist design body that weighs only 12.5kg. It's ultra lightweight aluminium alloy frame has a 58cm long deck that gives a spacious and comfortable ride. It folds away within seconds and can be easily carried or stowed away for public transport- It'll even fit in the boot of your car!

This scooter is intuitive and easy to use, suitable for beginners right through to the more experienced riders. The full colour LED screen displays useful information such as mileage, ride mode, speed, battery status, ride range and much more. You can also connect to a clever smartphone app via bluetooth for even more ride statistics

The iEZWAY EZ6 e-scooter has a bigger battery capacity when compared to the like for like Xiaomi M365 scooter. So, now you get a longer ride range for almost half the price of the Xiaomi M365 e-scooter. The EZ6 has the latest 10.4mAh regenerative smart battery technology. There's built-in Kinetic Energy Recovery technology which converts kinetic energy generated by the accelerator into electrical power. As a result you can expect upto 30km of range from a full charge. The supercharged motor gives very quick  acceleration whilst the Dual Braking System ensures the scooter decelerates smoothly and safely. The built-in cruise control helps keep you at a steady speed that you're comfortable with

The EZ6 Pro electric scooter is fitted with 8.5inch anti-skid and puncture proof pneumatic tyres. So say goodbye to slips, skids, punctures and deflated tyres. The cleverly designed shock absorption tyres absorb most road vibrations giving amazing handling and comfort whatever the the road condition!

Features and Benefits

  • Dual Braking System provides extra safe and super smooth braking
  • Front electric ABS and rear disk brakes 
  • Durable and waterproof cable
  • Frame is made of ultra lightweight aviation grade aluminium alloy
  • Spacious 58cm long deck provides a comfortable ride
  • Highly portable and easy to carry
  • Foldable stand support means you can stand upright when not in use
  • Super bright front LED lights projects light far ahead for improved visibility
  • Rear LED tail-light is automatically activated when you brake
  • Extra reflective lights for added safety and visibility
  • Entire scooter is fully waterproof 
  • Zero start feature where you need to give it a little 'kick' to start
  • Auto dormant shutdown switches scooter off if there's no activity
  • Heavy duty build with maximum load capacity of 120kg
  • 10cm wide puncture-proof tyres
  • Anti-skid, shock-absorbent and weatherproof tyres 
  • Super long range of 30-35km from a single charge
  • Select from 3 Speeds (Eco 6kmh, Comfort 15kmh and Sport 25kmh)
  • Single button to control lights, ignition on/off, shifts between speeds
  • Amazing 35° uphill climbing angle

Smartphone App Features

  • Battery indicator
  • LED display control
  • LED light control
  • Non-zero start time
  • Dormant shutdown time
  • Smart remote locking
  • Ride range
  • Ride distance
  • Total mileage
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