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Verso Foldable Fan Blade Look LED Bulb (screw on E27 cap)

by fuchusi
  • Foldable fan style screw cap LED bulb
  • Choose from 2,3 or 4 blades
  • Choose from 30, 45 or 60watts
  • E27 Screw cap fitting
  • Simple to replace with existing bulbs
  • No tools or electrician required
  • Suitable for ceiling light and table or floor lamps
  • Ultra low energy consumption

The Fuchusi Verso LED light bulb is perfect your indoor decor and will add a lively and energetic feel to any space. Make a real statement with these foldable fan blade style LED light fittings- a highly ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing light fitting. The Verso light piece will immediately uplift the aesthetics of any room, be it the lounge, dining room, kitchen, playroom, study, loft, or even the garage. This LED light fitting is designed as a diffused lampshade that emits soft and even distribution of light

    About this product

    The Fuchusi Verso foldable LED bulb looks like a fan but switches on to give off a beautifully soft and vibrant light. Watch as your neighbours and guests stand in awe of this beautiful piece of LED light fitting. You can now truly stand out from the crowd as a real 'trend setter'.  The Fuchusi Verso is designed with the standard E27 screw-on bulb fitting, so installation is easy and convenient. You won’t need any tools, cabling or an electrician- it’s as easy as screwing on a light bulb!

    Unique foldable propeller design
    You can open up the wings fully to provide wide and far-reaching light that is ideal for use as a work lightAlternatively, fold up the wings to make it a compact lamp shade which will dim the amount of light given off. Now you can use it to read, watch TV, listen to music or simply relax

    Energy efficient
    The Fuchusi Verso Foldable LED Bulb is a high performance and energy efficient light bulb. LED lights ensure your electricity bill is kept well under control. You are also making an environmentally responsible choice when lighting up your home with LED. So make a great choice and switch to LED bulbs today

    Bright and long lasting
    The Verso LED light bulb contains high quality diodes that give off a beautiful light that has no dark areas, strobing or glareThese LED bulbs range from 30 to 60watts so you can choose from a selection of wattage powers to give the perfect brightness for every need