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Ayla Smart Motion Sensor Portable LED Night Light

by Fuchusi
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Original price £12.99
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Color: White Light
  • Compact portable motion sensor LED light
  • Ideal use in the dark for young children and the elderly
  • Choose warm white or cool white colour
  • No glare or strobing effect
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Energy saving and long lasting 
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

The Fuchusi Ayla Motion Sensor Light is perfect for passageways, hallways, galleries and lobbies. You can add a few of these in a row to illuminate the entire walkway. You can practically place it anywhere of your choosing and it will provide a soft luminous cool white or warm white light. Ideal for small children or elderly people, these motion sensor LED lights are the perfect way to ensure that they can remain safe and secure



About this product

Imagine you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night and need a sip of water. Or your little one wakes up needing to visit the toilet. Now imagine having to navigate your way through the darkness of the night to switch on your lamp or overhead ceiling light. With the Fuchusi Ayla motion sensor LED night light there is no need to step out of your bed in the dark. You no longer have to guess your steps in the dark. This LED light has uses motion sensor technology, a smart and innovative design that springs into action as soon as any movement is detected

Safeguard your entire home
The Fuchusi Ayla LED night light acts to safeguard your home against any anti-social miscreants deterring any trespassers. These smart LED lights will get activated even at a relatively mild movement, illuminating the surrounding area at the first sense of motion

Ideal for the elderly

This smart little LED night light will help elderly parents and grandparents to remain independent in their own home. It’ll inspire confidence in them, by enabling them to navigate around their own home in the darkness without the fear of trips and falls

Easily install anywhere
The compact size means you can discreetly place the Ayla motion sensor light wherever you like- by the side of your child’s bed, beneath a window sill, or even under the stair rail

Save electricity and money
The Ayla motion sensor portable LED Light will avoid the need to unnecessarily switch on lamps or overhead ceiling lights. It will save you money on electricity bills because it only activates when motion is detected. The LED light source uses 85% less energy than CFL and halogen light bulbs

 Worth knowing


Compact size means the Ayla LED motion sensor light can be placed practically anywhere around your home

The clever motion sensing LED light bulb will automatically switch on only when movement is detected saving energy and money

LEDs emit very little to no energy as heat, so most of their energy is converted to light which further increases their efficiency 

The batteries will last you a very long time since this light is LED and switches on/ off automatically

The soft LED light emitted is controlled to ensure you get the optimal lighting that you require. The light remains on as long as movement is detected and automatically switches off after a set period of time