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RGBCW Smart WiFi App Controlled Light Bulb

by fuchusi
  • Smart Colour Adjustable RGBCW LED Bulb
  • Screw cap fitting
  • 16 million colours and dimmable
  • Ambient white light for everyday use
  • Smart app control and Music sync
  • Set automatic on/off timer
  • Ultra low energy consumption
  • 900 lumens of light
  • Alexa and Google Home voice control
  • 5 Year warranty as standard

Control the ambience of your home at the touch of a button with the Fuchusi wifi app-controlled colour changing LED bulb. Choose from 16million colours and select the brightness from 1% to 100%. This smart LED bulb also emits ambient white light so it can be used for everyday lighting. The Fuchusi RGBCW bulb will help you set the perfect mood for any occasion. No need for a smart home hub or expensive and difficult to use home technology. The Fuchusi smart LED bulb responds to a free app compatible with Apple iOS and Android smart devices. Trust Fuchusi to take you into the future!

About this product

Now you can talk to your light as though it’s an actual person! The Fuchusi smart LED bulb is fully compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so you can use it with perfect ease and simplicity... “Hey Alexa, switch on the lights in the bedroom”

Perfect for home security
Imagine being on a night out with friends, on a dinner date with your better half, or on holiday abroad with the family... your home will be empty and dark right? Well, it no longer has to be with the Fuchusi smart wifi RGBCW bulb. Set your home lights on timers to come ON and go OFF at scheduled times. Alternatively, switch on your lights, brighten them up or dim the down even whilst away from home using the ‘easy to use’ smart mobile app. Life doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Advanced lighting technology
This RGBCW bulb produces high brightness with 900 lumens, equivalent to a 70watt incandescent bulb. And with a color rendering index of up to 85Ra, this smart LED bulb truly reflects natural colours

Ultra low energy consumption
The Fuchusi smart colour-adjustable LED bulb uses approximately 85% less electricity than the inferior incandescent and CFL bulbs. LEDs also emit very little to no energy as heat, so most of their energy is converted to light which increases their efficiency even more. This LED light bulb will help the environment and save you money on electricity bills

Easy to install and use
This smart wifi app-controlled bulb is designed with the screw on cap. Simply replace with the existing bulb in your ceiling light or floor/ table lamp, download the free app and start using this smart wifi bulb within seconds