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Sentinel E59 Drone with 4K Ultra HD Camera fixed-height unmanned aerial folding Quadcopter Remote Control

by fuchusi
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  • 4K Ultra HD Camera Drone
  • Folding and lightweight
  • 150m distance GPS drone
  • Automatic gesture recognition camera
  • Point to point positioning
  • Ultrasonic altitude hold makes drone hover in one position
  • Control using remote control or smartphone
  • Auto low battery return to take off location
  • Easy to control for pilots of all skill levels
  • 20minutes flight time

About this product

The Fuchusi Sentinel E59 WiFi GPS Drone is lightweight, durable and packed with lots of impressive tech! This highly durable body packs a powerful flight performance making it an impressive aerial stunt and photography/ videography aircraft.

Fixed point hover technology

The Sentinel E59 camera drone remains stable during flights and hovers in place with accurate precision. A combination of Optical Flow Positioning and Ultrasonic Altitude Hold makes our drone easy to fly. You can fix the drone in flight position at the push of a button so the aerial photography is clearer. This drone is safe for indoor and outdoor use.

4K ultra HD aerial photos and gesture recognition photography

The Sentinel E59 quadcopter drone will automatically take photos in response to gestures made towards it. So simply wave your hands, give a thumbs up or shoe the peace sign!

Choose from 1080P or the 4K ultra high definition wide angle camera option. You can remotely tilt the camera angle between 110° to capture the best images.

Choose the features you want 
1080P Camera Drone and accessories or 4K Camera Drone and accessories

High frequency 2.4GHz remote control or your own smartphone

The remote control comes ready with a mobile phone holder to connect to the onboard camera showing you exactly where you’re flying. The remote control distance range is 150 metres so you can literally fly beyond the horizon! Alternatively, have even more fun by controlling the Sentinel E59 drone directly from your smartphone

Suitable for pilots of all abilities

The point-to-point GPS satellite positioning technology means pilots of all skill levels can fly the Fuchusi Sentinel E59 drone with ease and confidence. It’s the latest generation of aerial drones jam packed with features to help make flights smooth and easy



Simply press one button for take-off or descent

The usb rechargeable high capacity battery will give approximately 20 minutes of quality flight time from a full 60 minute charge

Pre-set the flight plan for the drone so you can focus on shooting aerial photos and videos whilst the aircraft flies unmanned

Intelligent voice control enables you to control the drone using simple commands such as “take off, descent, forward, backward, fly on the left, fly on the right”

Perform impressive aerial stunts and show off to your friends and family by pressing a single button

The clever ‘low battery return’ button will ensure you don’t lose your precious drone when battery charge is low

Smart GPS technology means you can push a single button to activate ‘one key return’ and the drone will automatically fly back to the position where it took off from

 What's in the box?


1 x  RC Quadcopter

1 x Remote controller

1 x 3.7V 600mAh Battery

1 x USB Charging cable

4 x Protection cover

4 x Spare blades

1 x Instruction manual